At Global Pacific Group, we believe that the sustainability of our operations around the World is integral in achieving our long term business objectives with our customers.

Sustainability isn’t just about the environment to us, it’s a total package that also considers geographical spread of our sources to guarantee supply, and long term relationships with forward thinking growers who want to secure the future of their business.

Our growers are amongst the best in the world, operating to Global Gap farm assurance standards that insist that farming practices do not harm the environment and that wildlife habitats are provided and protected. The efficient use of water and energy is now a given, with many growers utilising solar technology to help power their pack houses and state of the art irrigation systems that define precisely how much water plants require.

All our growers are SEDEX registered and many have had independent audits to verify they comply with strict Ethical standards required to supply our UK customers.

The pack houses we use around the world are also independently audited to Global Food Safety Initiative standards (BRC / IFS) giving assurances that our products are packed in facilities with strong food safety and quality management systems.